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Janet Fullmer: Piano Teacher in Cedar Hills-- 9934 N 4680 W Cedar Hills, UT 84062

(801) 836-8068

Piano Classes in Cedar Hills, Utah 84062

Private and Semi-Private Piano Lessons in Cedar Hills for all ages!


  • 30 minute Private lessons are for students who are very serious about their musical studies.   We have two teachers who are dedicated to provide the necessary technic,  theory, and guidance to thrive as a pianist and help them succeed. 

  • Semi- Private lessons consists of 60 minute piano Lessons in a fun, optimistic, thriving environment.  Children love to take classes with their peers and research has shown they work harder when peers are present.  3-4 in a class makes time available for each student to learn and grow and progress at a quick pace.  60 min is divided between private time with the teacher, guided practice time with an orchestrated midi disk, and lab time.  Lab time includes: sight reading with a computer and keyboard, note reading and rhythm drills and theory.

Let's Play Music Classes: Ages 4-6


Fun and playful music classes that provide an introduction to keyboards and piano.  We build a solid foundation of ear training, singing in pitch, harmony, rhythms and chord structures for the young student to build upon.

Sound Beginnings for ages 0-4: A fun Music and Movement Class that emphasizes rhythm, movement and singing in pitch through musical play. Preschool concepts are also taught through music!

Sound Beginnings:  A Music and Movement class for ages 0-4 that teaches music through play.